Why Us:

We introduce ourselves as a Pune (India) based textile wet processing machineries manufacturer. With over 30 plus years of rich experience in the wet processing machineries, we can be the most trusted & reliable partner for your all processing machineries needs. Our team of technocrats is having expertise from design, manufacturing till commissioning of the machines ensures the execution to the entire satisfaction of customer.

In machine manufacturing understanding customer requirements is the most essential task which we can do it easily with our team of experts. With proper technical inputs at the the design stage we ensure the end process results to the entire satisfaction of the customer. We guarantee the most optimised consumption of the utilities such as Water/ Air/ Electricity in the actual running of our machines. Use of standard raw material / components & simple design ensures lowest operating costs. We can customise the machines according to the customer needs.

Our services:

Design & manufacture the following machines

Chain / Chainless Mercerisers , Vibro Print washer, Atmospheric Jiggers , HTHP Jiggers ,3/5/7 Bowl Calendars, Drying Range, Sanforizers ,Padding Mangles

Process house accessories – Batching trolleys, Hydraulic and Electric winding stations, Brushing units, Stamping device, import substitute spares for any brand of machines. We can be the one point supplier for all the process house needs

Up gradation of the existing machines includes the following

Addition of wash tanks & Nips , DC to AC drive conversion, addition of Clip Stretcher in the existing chainless merceriser, addition of entry exit arrangements and any other tailor made requirement